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The Obstacle Is The Way

Good afternoon everyone! This morning I went on a little 10 mile bike 🚲 ride with my daughter.

It for sure was an adventure!


Kayla Garcia


About 2 miles into the ride my bike gets really hard to pedal and I’m getting mad at myself, thinking, i know i didn’t let myself get this out of shape! I look down and I’m relieve and frustrated at the same time. I have a flat!

I was relieved because I was ready to head back home 🏡 lol but I was frustrated because I was going to have to push my bike 2 miles to get it back home.

As I’m pushing the bike back home my subconscious starts talking to me…

Don’t you really want to get your daughter out of the house?

Are you going to let this tire stop you from doing what’s right?

So I stop and I look through the pouch that’s on my bike and I have a tube some patches and some other items.

The old me would have called it a day and headed back home to relax.

The new me however doesn’t let obstacles stop me.

So I turn the bike upside down on the sidewalk and I get to work. Mind you I have ZERO tools!

After about 20 minutes of trying not to curse out loud in front of my daughter, Kayla, I manage to get the tire off and tube changed with a little help from her.

The hand pump that I had used CO2 cartridges and I have two left. I use one of them which fills my tire up to about 90%

I see a gas station ⛽️ in the distance and decide to try and limp the bike there instead of using the last CO2 cartridge.

Kayla and I pull up to the air pump at the gas station and what do you know “Out of Order”!

At this point I’m pissed 😡 and decide to just go ahead and use the last cartridge.

Luckily it worked and we were on our way.

At that moment I didn’t think anything of the whole thing cause I was mainly frustrated to start.

However the rest of our ride was great and half way through she started talking to me about things and she began opening up more and more to me.

Had I just gave up in the beginning we would have probably went home and watched TV 📺 and not talked about anything.

Because I decided to keep going and not let a flat tire or my frustration talk me out of it we had an amazing time and I feel our bond grew stronger.

Long story short don’t let obstacles stop you from doing what you want! Sometimes what’s on the other side of the obstacle is well worth the struggle!


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