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A lot of Amazon affiliates do not take the time to read the fine print of their agreements to participate in the Associates Program.

One particular section of that agreement puts Amazon in the position where you can send them traffic that converts into a sale and yet Amazon doesn’t have to pay you a commission for it!

It is extremely important that all Amazon affiliates understand this specific rule to avoid losing their rightfully earned commissions.

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Let me explain more about this startling fact…

We all have Amazon affiliate links that we use to refer sales on products.

When someone clicks on one of those links and goes to the Amazon website, they will get tagged with a “cookie” that tells Amazon which affiliate referred them.

Many affiliates do not realize that cookie only has a 24 hour lifespan – affiliates will NOT receive a commission for any referred sales that happen after the time runs out!

Sure, some sales do happen immediately, but there are a lot of people that will wait a few days before buying because they need to talk it over with their spouse, shop around more or simply wait until payday.

Amazon likely gets to pocket millions worth of these “late” sales.

You’re doing the hard work to send that traffic and you should get credit for it.

Luckily, there is a single exception that Amazon has made to this rule – the shopping cart.

If you can get a visitor to add the product to their Amazon shopping cart, that 24 hour (1 day) cookie will become a 90 day cookie!

Typically, you have to rely on chance for a visitor to put a product in their shopping cart.

However, there is now a way that you can send ALL of your Amazon affiliate traffic and get the 90 day cookie.

A new plugin drops into your existing Amazon sites and lets you tap into the 90 day cookie in mere seconds.

Use this plugin right away and start keeping your Amazon commissions:

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