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8 Key Causes of Persistence


8 Key Causes of Persistence

  1. Definite Purpose – Knowing what your want. 1st and most important.
  2. Desire – It’s easy to be persistent when you have desire.
  3. Self Reliance – Believing in yourself.
  4. Definite Plans – Organized plans even if they aren’t 100% right.
  5. Accurate knowledge – Knowing your plans are sound.
  6. Cooperation with others – working with others
  7. Will Power – The habit of concentrating your thoughts.
  8. Habit – Persistence is a direct result of habit and you can get rid of fear with habit.

Before you figure out your next actions, it helps to first find a worthy purpose.

For example, what would be the one thing that would wake you out of bed in the morning and get you fired up for your day?

Once you know your bigger purpose, it’s easier to figure out your next actions.  And, when you know your bigger purpose, it can help you funnel your time, energy, and effort into something that really matters to you. Read more on finding your definite purpose.


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