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Here’s ALL you need to know about Financial Education Services( FES) before deciding whether or not to get involved with their system. So, is Financial Education Service a scam or not?

I’ve seen nothing but positive evaluations online for FES, which is great.

However when it comes to the’ career possibility’ component, I would have to disagree- and here’s why..

( Note: For those go looking for more information on potentially fixing your credit rating- I find this article to be interesting about how credit restoration programs run: https :// credit-repair/ )

Product Name: Financial Education Services

Product Owner( s ): Parimal Nalik, Mike Toloff

Price: $87/ mo- Protection Plan Membership



7/ 10

Overall Rating: Financial Education Services


What Is Financial Education Service?

Financial Education Service is a multilevel program involving products that claims to help it’s members improve credit rating and assist with financial stability.

One hype around this product( aside from the amount of money you can induce- see below) is that they will boost your credit rating in months- costing you hundreds.

The alarming part about FES, is that their” credit repair service” doesn’t provide credit rating reports or updates. You have to do it yourself.

Another downside is if you run into legal question, it will be problematic because the company does not have licensed attorney’s among their faculty. Instead you rely on credit-trained employees who only know about financial matters.

I don’t know about you, but for the amount they are asking on a monthly basis, I would expect top notch service as opposed to this deal.


After an” installment fee” of $286, really a licensing fee that allows you to sell their “service” to others, here’s your monthly bill :


$87/ mo+$ 2 mandatory Donation to the YFL

YFL or Youth Financial Literacy Foundation is a non profit corporation which involves the two proprietors of FES, Parimal and Mike.

For me I’m not considering the value here, especially to access products like LifeLock, which you can get for as low as $9.99 a month from the LifeLock website.

The bottom line is that their monthly fees and setup fees are extremely high- there’s better services around that provide more for less.

I guess one reason so many people are attracted to Financial Education Service, is based on the faith that they can become rich.

Make Money Using Financial Education Services

I’m sure this is the component the majority of members of you are here for, is ensured to tune in…

When you join FES and select their Protection Plan Membership, this basically gives you a licensing right to promote and sell their service for the regional commissions. Which is fine.

Similar to how I earn online except I NEVER pay to promote any product or services- which you can learn to do as well.

How I Came Across FE

This is who and what brought me to this program in the first place :


This is Mack Zidan aka Mack Millions aka Mack Mills, or whatever he wants to call himself.

As mentioned, his advertising is what lead me to Financial Education Services.

Without question, he is good at what he does and makes a killing online … I do question however if you will discover to do the same following his advice.

The problem is people are under the impression that they can live the same lifestyle by buying into his get-rich-quick scheme.

The video( like the one I came across above) doesn’t help.

Also, I know for a fact that he didn’t reach this status overnight or by getting started with a product like Financial Education Services.

He’s been at this for a very long time building up a huge following and understanding for the business. He fought when starting out and has been at this since High School, he tells you this himself in the “FES” video :


If you ask me, he has the unfair advantage when it comes to selling this system with an already established audience in place.

Here’s the kind of results you can expect as a Financial Education Service agent :

 FES 3

Earnings Disclosure: https :// IDS.pdf

Only about 7% of the agents from Financial Education Service are constructing what I would consider to be a full-time income from home.

That’s the reality!

Don’t be fooled by seasoned marketers like Mack Zidan, they do not have your best interest in brain. After get just as much fund out of FES as possible, he will simply move on to promote the next get-rich-quick strategy … Leaving you stay with the lousy product and empty pockets. 

If serious about learning how to make money online, remain far away from “business” opportunities like this!

Give yourself a real shot at starting an online business, with real help each step of the way…




Is Financial Education Services A Scam?

Final Opinion

I do not recommend Financial Education Service. The products are over-priced in my opinion, and the information you are seeking is readily available on the internet.

I would avoid the $ 286 for a setup fee, especially for a” credit restoration company” without licensed attorney’s and that doesn’t provide credit score updates or reports.

For a dependable credit restoration service, I would try a company like this one.

Financial Education Service is a result of MLM, a business framework I remain far away from. With MLM you :  Pay to promote products Recruit others Sell from merely one company The top earners are the ones with a large downline, not the guys hustling the most

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