Who Is The Most Valuable Car Maker In America? Tesla!?!


Man you will never believe what I just heard!?! General Motors is no longer the most valuable car company in America as of Monday! Your not going to believe who they got past up by though…

On Monday Tesla hit a market value of $50.8 billion! Yea that’s right… Tesla! This edged the electric-car maker past GM who was at $50.79 billion(That’s a lot of money).

Just last week Tesla pasted Ford who was valued at about $45 billion… That’s up over $5 billion in a week! If Japan’s Honda doesn’t watch out they may be next on Tesla’s list. Honda has a market value of about $54 billion. Toyota, the most valuable car company in the world, is three times as big.

Rebecca Lindland, executive analyst at Kelly Blue Book, says Tesla is being treated different than other car makers. –CNNMoney

When I think of Tesla I don’t think of them as a normal car company. They don’t even have dealerships…

Tesla to me is the Apple of car companies. Yes, they sell cars but they aren’t really the same as other cars.

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