How You Can Hide Best Sellers On Shopify

How You Can Hide Best Sellers On Shopify

As a fellow Shopify store owner I want to help you learn how you can hide best sellers on shopify. If you are on this page I am sure you know that people can steal your products on Shopify with the above code.

How To Disable ?sort_by=best-selling Function In Shopify

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Searching the internet I recently ran across the above question online:

I do not want my competitors to be able to view my best selling products. I have seen this disabled on other stores and they get redirected to the homepage.. or another page.

How can I disable people from searching /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling


So I’m not going to make this a long and drawn out post because I am sure you want to implement this and continue on with your business.

So here it is:

Insert this into the theme.liquid file in the <head> section to hide best sellers

<script> if(document.location.href.indexOf(‘https://{INPUT DOMAIN HERE}/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling’) > -1) { document.location.href = ‘https://{INPUT DOMAIN HERE}/collections/all’; } </script>

It’s that easy to hide your best sellers on Shopify from programs like Shopify Inspector!

Just make sure that you change {INPUT DOMAIN HERE} with the actual domain of your Shopify store(Ex.

If you found value in this post and it helped you hide your best sellers in your store please leave a comment in the comment section.

Do you want to know what the competition is using to spy on your store? It is a simple Google Chrome extension called eCommerce Inspector

ecommerce inspector


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hide best sellers on shopify

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